What are the system requirements for the Time Rate Plan

For a smooth viewing of contents on Time Rate Plan, a high speed internet connection and high-end PC or smartphone is requierd.

Latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari
Internet connection over 1 Mbps
Closing of other tabs, browser, and softwares are recommended during view. Direct connection instead of wireless is also recommended.

How to use player

1Viewable time

Viewable time is displayed.

2Control with seekbar

Click anywhere you would like to move to using seekbar.

3Shortcut feature

Frequently viewed points are in the red frame

Watch video

Search for a video and start watching by opening video play page.
View ticket must be purchased in advance.

Cannot view the video.

Please check to see if you fulfill the system requirements.
If you fulfill the sytem requirement, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Video is not playing smoothely.

Please check to see if you fulfill the system requirements.
Please close any other tabs, browsers, or programs if they are running. If connected through wireless network, please try direct connection.

Videos that are part of Time Rate Plan

Videos of Premium Plan or Indie Plan of Time Rate Plan are displayed with a designated label.

  • Premium Video Plan
  • Indie Video Plan