What is Time Rate Plan?

Video streaming service to watch 120 minutes of paid adult videos under the Time Rate Plan for 500 points. There are two plans. "Premium Video Plan" with a luxurious lineup of famous stars/production, "Indie Video Plan" for fans of amateur and fetish videos.

How do you use the Time Rate Plan?

In order to view the paid adult videos under the Time Rate Plan, a view ticket must be purchased. Purchase a 120 minute ticket for 500 points.
In order to view a video under the "Premium Video Plan", you would need to purchase a view ticket for the "Premium Video Plan".
You cannot use the view ticket of "Premium Video Plan" for "Indie Video Plan".

Where can I check the remaining time for view tickets/

Check the remaining time for "Premium Video Plan" and "Indie Video Plan" at the view ticket page. (Must be logged in)

Is there an expiration date for view tickets?

As long as FC2 video service is not canceled, it will not be deleted.