You won't believe what this ➲ MultiVersus RICK Main CAN DO! ✅

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Hey, welcome to EcchiMadness channel!

Hi everyone! I am EcchiMadness and on my channel we play (League of Legends, Decentraland, Lost Ark, Yugioh, Multiversus, ETC!), bringing you below average plays that you wouldn't believe! LIKE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more content! Yup, I am just another one of those Degenerate Weea-boo Streamers. Feel free to join our community or just sit back, relax & be a HATER!

I'm a Rick Sanchez 1 Trick with a goal to become the number 1 Rick in Multiversus and a Support Main/Jungle Secondary in League of Legends and is currently Spit Shine Bronze (HARD STUCK GOLD) - But one day we will make it to challenger, BELIEVE IT!

Thank you to everyone that takes part in chat and gets involved with the community. Even the trolls? Kappa.

I am Content Creator and League player, that showing the world how easy this game really is, a proud Ecchi-Chan with builds that will make you get the REAL FREE ELO (To spit shine bronze.)
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