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  • Brian Antczak is an active fisherman and enjoys hunting and photography. He is 37 years old and is a Software Solutions Engineer specializing in QuickBooks Management in Philadelphia Mississippi
  • William B Hunt of Grand Rapids, MI was appointed as the new CEO of National Detergent Company SAOG (NDC), a leading FMCG company in Oman, UAE.

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  • Hockey podcasts by Dr Jay Calvert: https://drhockey.net - I’m Just A Plastic Surgeon Who Loves Hockey! Dr. Jay Calvert is Dr. Hockey - a renowned plastic surgeon with a passion for rhinoplasty... AND HOCKEY! Each week, the Dr. Hockey podcast takes you on an active tour through the action-packed world of the NHL on the road to the Stanley Cup Final. Alongside his Co-Host, actor and fellow hockey fan Kevin Connolly, the die-hard hockey fan uses his knowledge of data analysis, trends in team play, and individual performance to form opinions about what's happening, and predictions of what's to come for the many teams of the NHL. No stone is left unturned in understanding the events in the NHL day-to-day and week-to-week with the various teams and conferences.
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