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Adult category

The content ahead are classified into the adult category.
FC2 defines the adult category as follows. Please read the following and then click on the “I agree” if you truly mean it.

* The content ahead include (Adult) things which are inappropriate for underage users to watch. “Adult” does not mean only “porn” but also everything that is considered to be inappropriate for people aged 17 or under to watch. Therefore, we prohibit these users from watching adult content.

* We do not state what kind of post should be classified into the adult category. You must decide whether your post should go to the adult category and whether it includes unpermitted expressions or not. Please note that FC2 takes no responsibility for your posts. It is your obligation to judge where your post should belong to. Upon registering a video for the adult category, it is considered to have some kind of adult content.

We may request you to move your post to the adult category when asked to do so by another viewer or when it is clearly judged it should belong to the adult category. If you do not follow such a request, we may move it to the adult category without your agreement. Please remember that we have no obligation to explain such action and are not responsible for anything arising from it either.

Do you agree?