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Video by eric leeth | Mazwai

Enjoy our newly released user ranking system!
You can get a FC2 Video premium membership if you are listed in the TOP 5!

A User Ranking system for 'FC2 Snap Video' has been released for iPhone. If you are listed in the TOP 5 of the user rankings, you can get a FC2 Video 1-week premium membership! Rankings will be updated every week. So, if you are listed in the TOP 5 every can watch as many videos on FC2 Video as you want without viewing limits!

About user rankings

User rankings will be determined by allocated scores for each user based on the number of 'Likes', 'Views', 'Shares on Facebook' and 'Retweets' for videos posted with FC2 Snap Video during the week. User rankings will be updated every week and if you are listed in the TOP 5, you will get a one-week FC2 Video Premium Membership.
Users who are listed in the top 5 only have to log in to their account and to access their 1-week premium membership.

Terms and conditions for participation.

Just post a 5 to 15 sec video set to public with 'FC2 Snap Video' from your iPhone!
*To participate in the user rankings the app version must be the latest version 1.8 or higher. If FC2 Snap Video has been installed in your iPhone, please update it to the latest version.

Tips to rank high

Promote your video by sharing it on Facebook and retweeting it on Twitter. Make the most of you SNS accounts to spread your videos! We recommend that you link your account to Facebook and Twitter before posting a video. This is a good way to increase your 'likes' and 'views' and increase your chances of being listed in the TOP 5.


  • Any posts that are deemed to be inappropriate for the purposes of the User Rankings system will be removed.
  • If user rankings are manipulated or other violations of our Terms of Use are committed, rewards will be removed even after user rankings have been determined.
  • If a posted video is removed when the User Ranking is determined, you will not be able to receive a 1-week FC2 Video premium membership.
  • Users who are already FC2 Video Premium Members will have their membership period extended.
  • If you wish to make an inquiry regarding User Rankings, please contact us through the app.
  • This service may be suspended or terminated without notice.