Venom Trickshots

A new era in artistic pool is emerging and VENOM TRICKSHOTS is at the forefront of this transformation. Introducing Florian 'VENOM' Kohler, the Internet sensation that is redefining the sport through his creativity and innovation. "I have never seen such a unique blend of billiard talent and spectacular shot execution. Truly awesome - A must see for everyone!" - Tom 'Dr. Cue' Rossman (ESPN & World Masters Champion) "This is some of the most amazing artistry you will ever see in pool. The kid is a phenom." - Mika Immonen (Multiple US Open & World Champion) "I love watching Florian, he's the best trickshot artist I've ever seen. The guy is a freak of nature!" - Darren Appleton (World 9 & 10 Ball Champion) "This guy is the best thing that happened to pool in a long time..." - Jennifer Barretta (WPBA Professional Pool Player) "The best display of Trick Shots I have ever seen!" - Neil Robertson (2010 World Snooker Champion)


ビリヤード超絶トリックショット; Venom Pool Trickshots II - Full DVD!!

ビリヤード超絶トリックショット; Venom Pool Trickshots II - Full DVD!!

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1. China (Part 1)
2. Las Vegas
3. France
4. Germany
5. Netherlands
6. England
7. China (Part 2)
8. China (Part 3)
14. End Credits

The extended version contains almost 30 minutes of additional content that was not included in the TV special. Additional footage includes two doubles segments, outtakes, behind the scenes footage, a look at Florian's home life, and a segment featureing two new models.


- NTSC ONLY (sorry, no PAL version this time)
- Total Running Time: Approx. 49 mins
- Not Rated / 16:9 Widescreen Format

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